3 Ways to Get Rid of Keloid Scaring

Being involved in an accident can be traumatic. But dealing with the aftermath can add stress to an already difficult situation. Many people find that after an injury, a scar is left behind. There are times when a small scar will begin to fade and somewhere down the road, be barely noticeable. But a keloid different. Instead of improving over time, it tends to get worse. In addition to diminishing the appearance of this area of the body, they can also be itchy and painful. There are three main ways to get rid of keloids, each with its own pros and cons.


If a scar is large enough, surgery may seem like an appealing option. It can help to remove the keloid and create a more attractive appearance. Unfortunately, surgeries are often painful and expensive, ruling them out for many people searching for a solution. They results may seem great once the surgery is complete, but a majority of the time, the keloid will return, leaving the patient in the same place he or she started. This can be frustrating as a lot of money was invested in improving this area of the body. There is also some downtime associated with this type of medical procedure.


Laser treatment for keloids has increased in popularity in recent years. However, like surgery, it comes with a large price tag. It isn’t recommended for keloids on the face and, there is pain associated with the treatment. Patients looking for a solution often feel that the laser option falls short of expectation and just results in an expensive attempt at removal that doesn’t deliver the desired results.


A keloid removal cream is a great solution for those uninterested in going through the complications often associated with surgery or laser removal. The cream also offers an alternative for those that don’t want to experience pain in order to remove scaring. When choosing a cream, it’s important to look over the ingredients. Ideally, there are certain ingredients that should be included to ensure that the product can produce results. However, the goal is also to find something that also contains natural ingredients that aren’t going to harm the body.