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Generic Viagra 100 mg.

Active substance: Sildenafil citrate 100mg
Product: Blister
Dosage: 100 mg
Country of origin: India
Shelf life: Up to

Viagra has made a real breakthrough in pharmacology, with each passing year it becomes more and more popular and the demand for it increases among men only, despite the existence of other drugs of similar action produced by other pharmaceutical companies. A generic Viagra allow use as an effective drug to all and provide an opportunity to save! Viagra is a modern drug that helps to normalize the potency and get rid of problems with erectile dysfunction.

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Duck Fart 2

Pour Crown in first…Then the Kahlua, and Float the Baileys on top. Then Slam!

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Dead Dog Vomit

In a high-ball glass add 0ne shot of 151 rum and then layer each if the other ingredents on top.

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Cowboy Cocksucker

Mix with ice, strain into shotglass

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Chocolate Monk

Shaken with ice.

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